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.Samuel Talks About Inspiration & His Plans For The Future

.Samuel is an up and coming rapper from California. He recently released his mixtape, Forever Summer, and is gearing up to release his next mixtape, Move Out Day. Not only does he rap, but he also ran for his town’s Mayor, and was the runner up. You can check him out on his Twitter, Instagram, or his music on SoundCloud. I caught up with him after he played his first show last Saturday to ask him a couple questions.

Age: I'm 19.

Hometown: I'm from Morgan Hill, CA. Born in Illinois.

If you only listen to one song of yours, what would it be: I would have to say, the most recent one that I put out. In my eyes, the only way I put something new out is if I think it's the best one so far. I'm always proudest of my most recent song and I'd never put something out that I didn't give my full effort on. I respect my fans.

Photo Credit: .Samuel, Copyright 2015

Photo Credit: .Samuel, Copyright 2015

Who are your biggest influences: I really love all types of music and I draw a lot from the 50's, 60's and 70's era. But in the way of rap, my biggest influences are Mac Miller, Drake, Chance the Rapper, but mainly the newer class of rappers out now; Skizzy mars, G-Eazy, Hoodie Allen, AER, Mike Stud, Marc E Bassy. They're music creates this feeling, it's powerful and I can relate to who they are.

How did you get started: When I was in 8th grade I got this really trashy microphone but I loved it. In my free time I was writing and recording these dumb raps that would never see the light of day. Towards Sophomore year, I began putting out some remixes and people were liking what they heard. I was proud of myself, but horribly shy about the work I spent hours perfecting. By the middle of Senior year, I put out Forever Summer as a single and strangers started vibing to it. My soundcloud was a secret to people I knew because I didn't want the fact that they knew me to get in the way of their opinions of my music. I wanted honesty. And the random people online were giving me great unbiased feedback. Some bad, but a lot really good. I went to work creating more originals and only told my good friend AJ because I respected his musical opinion and to kind of 'fact check' my ears to make sure I was putting out my best work. After the Forever Summer mixtape was released on June 1st I really saw music as a full on career for me in the future. From there it grew into what you hear today.

Photo Credit: .Samuel, Copyright 2015

Photo Credit: .Samuel, Copyright 2015

Why should people listen to you: You should listen to me because I take the time to put out a product that I can be proud of. I put in hours to songs and I really make music for you, just as much as for me.

Plans for the future: In a few weeks I'm moving down to Santa Monica, CA to go to school and follow my dreams in the music industry. A new project is coming out soon to commemorate this moment in my life and as always it's my best work yet.

Give a listen to one of his songs below, and let me know what you think in the comments below! Also check back my twitter for announcements on the release for his next mixtape.