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Art & Music: A Creative Marriage

Photography and music have always been two things I'm very interested in. From playing and composing music, to portrait photography, to taking photos for concerts, it has all been a very natural transition for me. Music has always been a major inspiration for anything I do. Often most of my ideas come from a song, and I try to incorporate the moods and emotions I get from listening to a song in my photos as much as possible.

A while ago, I shot my Alone & At Peace series. It has always been one of my favorite bodies of work, and I have always been meaning to return to it but have yet to get to it. Anyways, my point is that this might have been the first set of work that I was truly into because it was the first set that came from a song. I was absentmindedly listening to "Lights In The Sky" by Nine Inch Nails  when I heard the lyrics, "watching you drown/I follow you down", and I was inspired to create my series.

And my inspiration didn't stop there, either. Once I had the visual concept of my idea, I created a playlist of similar songs to set the mood. I wanted to be feeling the dark, down beat of the songs the whole time while I was taking these photos. Once I shot the photos, I continued my playlist into my editing process, listening to the same songs while editing to keep a consistency. 

Since then, I have been trying to surround myself with as wide of a variety of music as possible. As many genres and moods as I could find. Always looking for the next best idea, whether it is a complete idea, or maybe just a title.

Creative inspiration can come from anything, anyplace, and anytime. And if you are able to keep yourself open to new ideas and experiences, then you will never run out of inspiration.